Thursday, March 10, 2011

"On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink"

   Of course, another blog about cupcakes. How can I resist? It doesnt help that Im slacking on my commitment to this blog, making it look like I just wrote about cupcakes, when really, that was a week ago. But tonight I shared with someone this amazing invention, so I thought I should keep on sharing the greatness with the rest of the world. This really is the best thing since sliced bread, or the handwash cycle on washing machines, or toothpaste that whitens as it cleans, or alarm clocks that reset themselves when the power goes out! (all great things that I could not live without). Its called CUP-A-Cake. Yes, the name says it all. Its a cup, for a piece of cake. Check. It. Out.

   Where the heck were these when I was in the lunch-box toting days? Back when my mom would make cupcakes, and I'd want to take one to school the next day, but after the trip to school in my backpack, my cupcake would be smooshed, and the icing all stuck to the sides of the ziplock bag.....Id have to eat the cupcake with a fork! Who am I kidding, I still had this problem up until about 18 months ago. 
    I love to pack lunches for myself, and plan on being a very enthusiastic lunch-packer for my kids some day. And these little containers will help me climb to the top of  the 'Rockstar Mom" list. You just place the cupcake in the little container, close, and viola!  Your cupcake stays put! No more mashed cupcake! A friend gave me one for my birthday in 2009. I've guarded it with my life ever since.  It really is a great invention. Better late than never, I suppose! 

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