Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cupcake Quilt- Round #2!

As promised, I have started another cupcake quilt. My dear friend Lindsey (check out her adorable blog!)  is the lucky recipient. We have ben friends since Freshman year of high school (we had a crush on the same boy). Through the years we have had so much fun together- never a dull moment. And  even though she lives in Virginia and I live in Texas,  we still talk practically every day in some form of communication (thank God for BlackBerry Messenger!). Lindsey loves Anthropologie (the store, not the subject) so I used their designs and fabrics as "inspiration" for my choices in fabrics. 
These are the fabrics the cupcakes are made from
 This is the fabric that will go along the border of the entire quilt. 

 Here they are together, so you can see how great the colors work together.

I drew a pattern for the cupcake and cut it out. After washing and ironing all the fabric squares, I began to trace the pattern on the fabric, and so started the long process of matching a top to a bottom. For a perfectionist like me, this took forever because I did not want duplicate cupcakes, nor did i want the same color of the same shape in the same row. Around 11pm I finally gave up  and realized that "hey, its a quilt, of course there will be duplicates of pieces and clashing fabrics. Thats the science of the art!". I finally settled on this layout and combination. Now to start the sewing!  

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