Monday, February 28, 2011

"Martha Stewart Mondays"

   In an effort to be an  efficient and dedicated "blogger", (and because my life alone isn't interesting enough to blog about) I have come up with themes for each day of the week. This gives some direction and something to write about. Mondays from here on out are declared "Martha Stewart Mondays", where I will post my latest craft or cooking adventure. 
     Today, is a craft. For the last 2 weeks I have been working on a wreath for my grandma, who is in rehab after having a pretty severe stroke. Her room is pretty boring, so I figured a brightly colored wreath would lighten it up a bit for spring. Now, this wreath should have taken no more than a weekend, but seeing as I am extremely ADD, it took me over two weeks. And like in college, I waited until the night before to finish it all! But its completed, and although she still cannot talk, based on her expressions she seems to love it! Her face lit up when I walked in the door with it, and she continue to draw circles in the air from her bed tracing over it- her way of telling me she likes it!
      It was a pretty easy project, but time consuming. I made each of the little "pom-poms" from yarn, and then tied them to the wreath and added some ribbon for a bow. It took over 200 pom-poms, and a mess of yarn frays all over the carpet, but is completed. 
Here are all my supplies: 4 different colored yarns and a straw wreath. 

And here is the pom-poms. This is only a 1/3 of them. I quickly learned I needed triple that amount. 
 My grandma with her wreath tonight before bedtime. Doesn't she look beautiful? It was so great to see her up and moving, even with the walker. She has come along way in the past 5 weeks. My mom has done a great job updating her progress on her Caring Bridge website:

Happy Crafting!