Thursday, March 3, 2011

First Lady Thursdays

    As many of yall know, my dream “job” is to be a First Lady. Because of my interest in politics and legal career goals, I am always asked if I plan to run for political office. My polite answer is simply “No, but I do plan to marry someone who does!”. I feel this is a much smarter approach, as I’ll get the best of both worlds. As a First Lady, you not only stay in the loop on policy and political drama, but you also get to do all the fun stuff, such as events, philanthropies, fundraisers, and parties. Not to mention the ear of the politician-that’s some coveted “pillow talk”! I love and admire everything about the position of a First Lady-both at state and federal level. Whether the wife of a state representative, governor, US senator or even better, the President, I know I would enjoy it! Obviously, like the men who seek political office, I dream of reaching the top—The White House. Ohhh, to be FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States). Sigh....  Now, my head is not so far up in the clouds to think this position is not without its pitfalls, but no job is perfect. So I choose to focus on the positives. And living in the White House is a major plus!
    I’ve toured the White House many times, and each time I ignore the tour guide and instead am distracted by the details: the curtains, the carpet, the furniture arrangement, the photos and paintings, the themes of the Christmas trees, the Christmas ornaments, and so on. I image myself walking the hallways in my pajamas on a Saturday morning with my cup of coffee and my dog. I brainstorm the possible code names the Secret Service will give me ( I have yet to come up with a good one, and am open to suggestions). I’ve also mentally exerted my power of bypassing the men posted at the doors to the Oval Office, trying to tell me I can’t go in there to ask my husband, the President, what he thinks of my new nail polish color and hair cut. The nerve of those agents to tell me I must knock first!
    With all this daydreaming, you can imagine how my obsession has grown! So you understand how much I just died when I heard a few months ago that one of my favorite childhood book characters was traveling all the way from Paris to Washington, DC. Yes, Madeline has gone to the White House! The book is finally available and I am getting it tomorrow! I absolutely cannot wait!

And heres the sweet story behind this long anticipated book:


  1. I read most of this to Jenna at work today. We both laughed. And we can totally see you doing all of these things.

  2. Alex! You crack me up. This was too good to read. The day dreaming part of PJ's and noval office is what did it for me. lol. I love you girl, and I no doubt see a potential politican in your future (and possibly as 1st lady) love ya.